Aerial photography and videography

Drone aerial photography no longer just for films, short movies or sports. Conservationists are using drones to count the number of animals in the wild and to track their movements and Farmers are using the drone to manage their yield and crops.
When you’re looking for a way to make your production stand out of the crowd, consider GPAS aerial photography to give everyone a breathtaking bird’s eye view of your activity or product.
- Improved technology
- Affordable budget
- Time saving
- More applications
- Safer Operations
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Asset Inspections and Facility Management

Safe and accurate aerial inspection services for mining, industrial, utility and government applications;
- Roofing, facades, walls
- Bridges
- Communication towers
- Microwave radio towers and sites obtaining a 'line of sight'
- Power lines (thermal imaging for hot spots)
- Wind turbine and blade and tower inspections
- Water damaged or post-disaster inspections

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Our aerial survey services can quickly and cost-effectively help you to;
- Detect and locate crop parasites and fungi
- Estimate plant counts to verify planting costs
- Accurately map farm infrastructure
- Analyse crop health at different stages of growth
- Prove effectiveness of soil remediation and crop treatments
- Generate variable rate application maps for pesticides and fertilisers
- Get proof of crop damage for insurance claims
- Assess field slope and drainage after harvest

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Real Estate Photography


Selling a house can be a stressful process at the best of times so add in an extra layer of technology and there’s a chance you could stand out from the rest. Our mission is the help our customers visually market their properties in an immersive and captivating style.

- Create more dramatic compelling images
- Highlight more property features
- Stand out from the competition

We are able to provide a complete range of services from aerial images to a complete package of internal, external and aerial images

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Building and Construction

Drone photography can provide a less hazardous way to visualize potential hazards and to bring views of job-site accidents. The detailed photos available from drones can pinpoint potential problem areas where advance planning could mitigate safety and logistics problems.
- Highly accurate land surveys
- Manpower not required to access challenging or unsafe areas
- Speed of inspection or review hugely increased
- Enormously helpful for a full understanding of the project’s progress and design issues in hard to see areas.
- Improves sharing of information with project team members who are not always available to visit the site in person.

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Emergency Services

1.2 million deaths. 2.9 billion people affected. $1.7 trillion in damages. According to data from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, these staggering figures are the total economic and human impact of global disasters from 2002 to 2012. With a steady growth in annual disasters, especially climate-related ones, emergency management strategies are being put under the microscope. Disaster management technologies, on the other hand, have seen some remarkable breakthroughs in the past decade.
- Aerial views are critically helpful in large-scale disaster zones.
- Drones empower response teams with a substantial upper hand without costing as much as manned flight operations. -
- Access hard-to-reach areas and perform data-gathering tasks that are otherwise unsafe or impossible for humans.
- Can be deployed rapidly

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Mine operators are constantly looking for ways to safely improve productivity and reduce costs, whilst honouring their commitment to managing the environmental impacts of exploration, and meeting community expectations in terms of preserving Australia’s unique heritage. There dozens of potential uses and applications including;
- survey volumes
- stockpile volumes and management
- long-term and short-term planning;
- drill and blast management; geology and hydrology management;
- production ore spotting;
- construction planning, monitoring and reporting;
- mineral exploration mapping and calculations;
- heritage and environmental management reporting;
- legal and community communications support,

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Insurance Assessment

GPS assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) with collision protection and active camera stabilisation are helping insurance companies cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time by speeding up the assessment of damage to homes, businesses and other infrastructure, in the unfortunate event of incidents occurring. Using aerial footage, insurance company assessors can see first-hand damage to property, facilitating faster assessment and quicker payouts.

Faster decision-making not only saves time, but can also save money, as further damage or decay can be prevented if repairs are performed sooner.

Using footage from our cameras, loss adjusters are presented with greater detail upon which to base their assessment. Thermal imaging cameras can help to detect the extent of water or fire damage to a building from the air, allowing assessments to be made even if buildings remain inaccessible from the ground, or are considered too dangerous to inspect from within.

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AERO RANGER - Our partners on all of our missions

Aero Ranger is specialised drone technology that enables us to annotate what we see with text, voice or hand drawn notes live on our drone in real-time. Using this management system we are able to:
High Resolution Imagery

Using the latest in drone and camera technology, we can capture high resolution photos for immediate analysis and review.

Secure could based report generator

Create and share reports using captured images and data on the Aero Ranger Cloud reporting engine. Control access and choose how you use and share your data.

Anyone can fly

Aero Ranger automates the drones take-off, flight and landing allowing almost anyone to take to the skies. Includes a number of in-built safety features that make it simple and safe.

Affordable and scaleable

Compatible with a range of off the shelf hardware including high-end industrial grade aircraft and imaging systems suiting all of our requirements

Artificial intelligence

Aero Ranger's AI engine can be trained to automatically detect and tag defects, hazards and points of interest.

Full management control

The command and control centre allows us to manage our data in addition to controlling and viewing the location of our drone fleet in-real-time

For more information about Aero Ranger and how it can benefit you visit their website.


This product from AVCRM enables us to manage RPAS operations onsite and in the office.  Job planning, safety and risk assessments and approvals are completed thoroughly and effectively in minutes.  Advanced reporting and intuitive job management, our staff are more informed.
With integrated Pilot and RPAS Logbooks, Defect Management and Safety Management auditing systems, AVCRM have taken our compliance to the next level of industry best practice while reducing RPA risk for safer RPAS operations.  The features available to us are:
JSA & Job Manager


Customisable job creation and approval with integrated airspace maps

Airspace Maps


Integrated airspace maps automatically identify fly/no-fly zones

Pilot & RPA Logbooks

Keep track of controller and RPA total time in service logs

Defect Manager


Manage all RPAS Maintenance and Defect items

Battery Management

Track battery usage, cycles and health. Be notified when batteries need maintenance.

Booking Scheduler

Plan work and organise your resources in seconds. Never double book an aircraft or remote pilot again.

Advanced Reporting

Instantly create customisable reports on all aspects of your RPA operation

Safety Management

Manage hazard identification, accident reports and Drug and Alcohol Management Plans.

For more information about AVCRM's RPA Manager click here.