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“Ensuring safety is the number 1 priority in our industry”

So you have a new drone and want to know how to fly it safely?


Thinking of buying a drone but not quite sure which one is right for you? 


We can help.

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Flying for Fun or just looking to get your hands on the latest technology and try before you buy! We can help!

Our qualified drone pilots can help you learn all you need to know to fly your drone safely and within the rules and regulations. 

Build Confidence

Start to build your understanding and capabilities of your drone by being shown easy to learn software packages specifically designed for your drone!

Basic Maintenance

Part of being a safe pilot is ensuring you build in regular maintenance checks into your every day drone use. We provide templates and quick guides on how to best determine your drone maintenance activities. 

Learn Safe Practices

Learn from RePL qualified pilots who have hours of flying time and safe flying practices logged. Their understanding of the pitfalls and errors associated with not having safety as your No 1 priority are second to none! 

Fun or Commercial

The No 1 thing is to HAVE FUN!

Drone technology has various inbuilt safety features and autonomous flight options available for most drones. We’ll ensure you know about these! 

Get Started today and learn all you need to know about flying your drone safely and within the rules.


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