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UK’s drone revolution: How $100 BILLION industry could herald huge boost for Britain

BRITISH business has been given a boost with new industry standards for the use of drones moving ever closer, but one expert warns not to expect pizza delivery by drone anytime soon.
Unmanned aerial vehicles are on course to revolutionise British business and transform sectors from transport to infrastructure, agriculture to medicine – across air, land, sea and space.

New standards for the use of drones in business could see urgent deliveries of blood whizzing around abandoned canals in Birmingham, or to help a farmer keep an eye on livestock, or crops, or even to boost search and rescue missions in Snowdonia.

The new standards are to be unveiled for the first time in Spring 2018 in order to strengthen public confidence in the safety, security and compliance within an industry which is set to be one of the fastest growth sectors in the world.

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Drones are helping to clear up Britain’s beaches

Scientists are recruiting members of the public to help clean up the shores of Great Britain.

Plastic waste is scattered across the beaches of the UK and a computer programme is being developed to help spot the litter.

The charity campaign needs human volunteers to help train an artificial intelligence algorithm that will automatically spot plastic in pictures taken by drones.

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Amazon-style drone deliveries come a step closer for U.K. shoppers

With drone technology advancing significantly in recent years, the day when the flying machines are used to move goods from A to B on a large scale feels like it’s coming closer.

Truth is, some organizations are already using the technology to carry items such as medical supplies between facilities, but for an air-based delivery service as complex as the one Amazon proposes, a myriad of safety issues first need to be addressed.

A big part of the solution requires the creation of a reliable air traffic control system so that autonomous drones can fly without incident over long distances.

In the U.K., National Air Traffic Services (NATS), the country’s leading air traffic services provider, announced this week that it has partnered with drone traffic management solutions company Altitude Angel to build a system that it claims will safely integrate drones in the skies over the U.K.

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