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Drones help lifeguards get safety messages to rock fishers on Auckland’s west coast


Drones will be used to help the safety of people fishing off rocks along Auckland’s west coast. Rock fishing safety advisor Sam Turbott said the current way he got information to fisherman was inefficient.

“I have to spend many hours walking out to rock fishing spots and there might not be anyone out,” he said.

“It’s also quite dangerous getting out to spots so the drones is just a logical idea to cover quite a lot of ground and keep me safe, and save time and money.”

The drone will allow Turbott to locate fisherman on remote rock fishing spots and decide the fastest and safest way to get to them.

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Drones will be used to investigate Auckland’s big landslide threats as part of EQC-funded study

By: Jamie Morton Science Reporter, NZ Herald

Drones will take to the skies above Auckland to reveal the threat landslides pose to many parts of the city.

Big deluges like those that came with cyclones Fehi and Gita are known to trigger big slips around our largest city – but activity like removing trees, steep roadside cuttings and leaking pipes can also raise the risk.

Not all landslides involved fearsome avalanches of rock and debris, but were sometimes “small and slow-moving” masses, University of Auckland researcher Dr Martin Brook said.

These still had the potential to wipe out a person’s backyard, threatening their home and its value.

In a new EQC-funded study, Brook and his team will use drones to take a closer look at how land is moving on 10 slopes in different parts of Auckland.
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