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Drone fleets could help find missing hikers

By James Rogers, Fox News

Researchers at MIT say that a sophisticated fleet of drones could help find lost hikers by searching under dense forest canopies.

The autonomous drones would bypass the problem of unreliable or nonexistent GPS signals in forest environments by using onboard computation and wireless communication, according to the experts.

The team’s research is revealed in a paper that will be presented at the International Symposium on Experimental Robotics conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this week.

See: https://youtu.be/2hRNx_0SWGw

Using laser range-finders to estimate their position and plan a route, the drones will create 3-D maps of the terrain. Algorithms will be employed to help the drones identify unexplored areas and places that it has already searched.

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Drones Spray Inaccessible Cliff Areas in Australia

Lake Macquarie Council has begun using drones along isolated cliffs at Swansea Heads and Caves Beach to spray tracts of Bitou bush, an invasive South African weed.  It is understood to be the first time drones have been used for weed spraying in the Hunter.

Council’s manager planning and sustainability, Alice Howe, said drones are ideal delivery tools in areas difficult or dangerous to reach.

The low operating height and flying speed of less than 20km/h of the drones, combined with the downward air movement from the rotor “ensures extremely accurate application of the herbicide”.


US military ground drones set to be deployed on Australian cattle stations

By Matt Brann ABC Rural

Autonomous drones ‘are the future’

Mr Starling said it was now commonplace for pastoral companies to use manned drones to carry out various jobs, but MLA believes manually-operated drones could soon be obsolete.

“It is what we’d call a ‘silent service’.

“These autonomous drones, be they aerial or ground, are just a silent service, they’re in the background, doing their pre-determined task, and the only time you hear from them is when they can’t make a decision and need human input to make a decision on something they’ve seen which is unusual.

“So at MLA we used to have our drone strategy, but now we call it our autonomous strategy — we think drones will reach their limit very soon if we don’t move them into this fully autonomous, silent service offering.”

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Always Wondered What’s Inside? Dronefly Reveals the Anatomy of a Drone [Infographic]

By: Miriam McNabb

The following is a guest post by Dronefly, a leading DJI Authorized dealer of commercial and consumer drones.

Ever wondered what’s inside the drone?  Need to diagnose a problem or repair need?  “Understanding how all the individual components work together is something that all drone operators should understand and appreciate,” says Alex Netto of Dronefly. ” The drone anatomy diagram below is of a DJI Phanotm 4, but the functions of the components are the same in most high-end consumer and commercial UAVs.”

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Your Business Will Employ Drones, Maybe Sooner Than You Think

POST WRITTEN BY Jake Rheude – Jake is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at Red Stag Fulfillment, an order fulfillment provider for online retailers.

The drones are coming, whether your business is ready for them or not. Amazon Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing are working toward making drone delivery a reality. Despite significant regulatory hurdles in the United States, drone startups are multiplying like, well, drones.

The U.K. is well ahead of the U.S. in the regulation and deployment of drones. A London branch of restaurant chain YO! Sushi has experimented with delivery drones, and Amazon is moving forward with plans to roll out drone delivery in Great Britain. Even Royal Mail has hopped on the trend: The mail service believes that drones can help deliver the post in rural regions and give the government service an edge against commercial competitors. Airlines and oil rigs already use drones to inspect equipment that is hard for humans to access.

If you think that your industry has no use for drones, ask yourself if your competitors would agree. In the near future, the question may become not whether you should employ drones, but how many drones you can afford to deploy.

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Fox News Takes UAV Flight Training With The UAV Experts

By Cliff Whitney

Thirteen of the finest storytellers from #FoxNews, who travel the world each day, joined us out at our flight training facility located in Cumming, GA. With their new UAV flight skills, equipment, and tools, this team is ready to give viewers a whole new perspective on their storytelling and new reporting capabilities.  

Fox News has a drone army that is now comprised of over 90 fully flight trained, FAA 107 certified pilots and more than 100 ‘visual observers’ who accompany the pilots on every shoot to help out and ensure safety. They are at work at 13 of Fox’s 16 news stations and at 11 Fox News Channel bureaus.

The goal is eventually to have multiple crews at every location.

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