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What do You Need to Know About Anti-Drone and Counter Drone Technology?

One of the reasons counter drone/anti-drone technology has become such a big issue in 2018 relates to scenarios where drones could be used to threaten the privacy of people, protected places, large events or critical infrastructure.

With that being the case, what does it mean to enable a sense of security when it comes to drone technology? What kinds of options are available to organizations that want to get a better sense of the threats that are in their airspace and in turn take action around them?

These are the exact sorts of questions Dedrone solutions have been designed to answer. Founded in 2014, the San-Francisco-based company uses advanced hardware and software technology to create a critical awareness of the airspace, and even allows users to take active countermeasures. The company’s complete, automatic drone detection and security solution includes the Dedrone RF sensor, which helps users understand their airspace security situation, while their DroneTracker software connects to various sensors (including the RF sensor) and can trigger active countermeasures.

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Defining Measurable and Intangible Value Propositions for Drones in Utilities

By Jeremiah Karpowicz

I’ve listened to and been part of numerous presentations focused on how drone technology is being utilized in a variety of industries, and that’s the main reason Hector Ubiñas’ presentation at Drone World Expo last year stuck out to me so much. Rather than focus on the potential or possibilities around how the technology could impact the approach San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is able to take, he showcased the pilot program they initiated that was designed to specifically detail when and how drone technology would make their approach to a given task faster, cheaper or safer when compared to traditional methodologies.

As a brief example of the kind of detail Ubiñas talked through during the presentation, he mentioned that utilizing drones meant SDG&E inspectors could use these tools and thus avoid rattlesnakes, which are a big issue in the backcountry of southern California, especially during the summertime. That kind of insight should resonate in a way that talk about “safety” with drones does not, especially in a region of the United States that is especially hilly and contains a variety of wildlife.

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