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Boeing Completes autonomous synchronised drone flight tests in Australia

Australia: Boeing has successfully completed the first suite of synchronized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight tests using new onboard autonomous command and control technology developed by Boeing in Australia.

Conducted at a regional Queensland airfield, the test flights saw five UAV test beds equipped with Boeing’s new onboard system safely complete in-air programmed missions as a team without input from a human pilot.

The milestone comes six months after establishing the company’s largest international autonomous systems development program in Queensland.

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Boeing Chooses Queensland for Autonomous Systems Development Programme

Boeing has announced Queensland will be the home for its new autonomous systems development program, with the three-year “rapid innovation program” expected to see the aerospace giant develop autonomous systems capability to increase the independent operation of air and sea vehicles.

During a press briefing , Boeing Autonomous Systems vice president Chris Raymond said autonomy is expected to enter both the company’s existing and new products, and explained the partnership with the Queensland government will allow the regulatory creases to be ironed out in unison with the development of new tech.

The program, the biggest investment the company has made in autonomous systems outside of the United States, will focus heavily on the regulatory side, and has been built on the existing partnership the company has with the Shell-operated, Queensland government gas initiative.

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