Maron Kristofersson is looking forward to the completion of a new roof on his office in Reykjavik.

It is not that the old roof leaked but rather that the new one will be heated. Kristofersson is the boss of Aha, which delivers on behalf of restaurants and shops in Iceland’s capital. The heated roof will let his delivery drones take off from and land on top of the building in the winter, without anyone having to clear away the snow.

When drones came to public attention about a decade ago, various commercial uses were proposed for them. Some of these, such as surveying, aerial photo­graphy and law enforcement, have now become routine.

But one, in particular, has not. This is the idea of household deliveries. In 2013 online retailer Amazon said it was testing just such a system. Others suggested using drones to deliver medicines and fast food.

However, not much then happened.

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