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Cost effective, time efficient airborne solutions
Improvements in technology, driven by billions of dollars of R&D investment into defence and government projects are making their way into commercial and consumer drones rapidly enormously improving the capabilities of the airborne platform.  It’s forecast there be 29 million consumer drone shipments and 800,000 commercial drone shipments in 2021, that’s less than 5 years away.


Drones are changing our perspective on the world.


The technology is fast approaching complete commercial suitability, fully compliant safety and regulatory standards-based design, platform and payload interchangeability, automated safety modes, enhanced intelligent piloting models and full autonomy, full airspace awareness, auto action (takeoff, land, and mission execution), but we are not quite there yet.


We are Innovators...and solution providers

GPAS’s ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to each and every job using integrated management systems enables us to plan effectively then execute our missions and gather all of the required information correctly, the first time, with the UAV in the air for the minimal amount of time.
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Aero Ranger is patent pending technology that enables us to annotate what we see with text, voice or hand drawn notes live on our drone in real-time. Using this management system we are able to:
High Resolution Imagery

Using the latest in drone and camera technology, we can capture high resolution photos for immediate analysis and review.

Secure could based report generator

Create and share reports using captured images and data on the Aero Ranger Cloud reporting engine. Control access and choose how you use and share your data.

Anyone can fly

Aero Ranger automates the drones take-off, flight and landing allowing almost anyone to take to the skies. Includes a number of in-built safety features that make it simple and safe.

Affordable and scaleable

Compatible with a range of off the shelf hardware including high-end industrial grade aircraft and imaging systems suiting all of our requirements

Artificial intelligence

Aero Ranger's AI engine can be trained to automatically detect and tag defects, hazards and points of interest.

Full management control

The command and control centre allows us to manage our data in addition to controlling and viewing the location of our drone fleet in-real-time

For more information about Aero Ranger and how it can benefit you visit their website.


This product from AVCRM enables us to manage RPAS operations onsite and in the office.  Job planning, safety and risk assessments and approvals are completed thoroughly and effectively in minutes.  Advanced reporting and intuitive job management, our staff are more informed.
With integrated Pilot and RPAS Logbooks, Defect Management and Safety Management auditing systems, AVCRM have taken our compliance to the next level of industry best practice while reducing RPA risk for safer RPAS operations.  The features available to us are:
JSA & Job Manager

Customisable job creation and approval with integrated airspace maps

Airspace Maps

Integrated airspace maps automatically identify fly/no-fly zones

Pilot & RPA Logbooks

Keep track of controller and RPA total time in service logs

Defect Manager

Manage all RPAS Maintenance and Defect items

Battery Management

Track battery usage, cycles and health. Be notified when batteries need maintenance.

Booking Scheduler

Plan work and organise your resources in seconds. Never double book an aircraft or remote pilot again.

Advanced Reporting

Instantly create customisable reports on all aspects of your RPA operation

Safety Management

Manage hazard identification, accident reports and Drug and Alcohol Management Plans.

For more information about AVCRM's RPA Manager click here.


Managing Director

A former high-level mining professional and skilled business strategist with 27+ years of broad and deep experience in the sector across the globe, including over 20 years in Africa (working in over 20 African countries). Mark has a strong technical background and is well versed with mining, mineral exploration, surveying, earth moving, volume computations and the application of UAV technology in the mining, agricultural, building and construction sectors. As a natural visionary Mark sees the enormous future application and requirement for airborne services and coupled with his huge passion for photography and videography this has led to the establishment of GP Airborne Services.

Technical Director

As an entrepreneur, business consultant and advisor, Jason is passionate about business process/marketing automation.
Jason's passion for remote-controlled piloting began when he was around 6 years old and he's been building RPA's ever since.
With over 30 years RPA piloting experience and having designed and built many RPA's well before their time and before there was a commercial solution to undertake various applications, Jason has an intimate technical knowledge of the components, their limitations and capabilities. This experience coupled with Jason's business skills make him the ideal professional to oversee the company's special projects and innovation division.

Senior RPA Pilot - Community Engagement

Craig is a founding member of GPAS and a qualified RPA pilot.  Born in Perth, WA he joined the Australian Army at 17 years of age in 1989 and served until 1994 in the Corps of Engineers. On leaving the Army he worked in Hospitality up to Senior Management level, running hotels, cafés and bars, and worked as a legal assistant and travelling around Australia. He starting working in community activism and social justice issues in the not for profit sector from 2000. Working predominantly with a focus of raising awareness to the social and economic disadvantages faced by Aboriginal communities in WA, establishing his own social enterprise in 2004.

Marketing Director

Jason is a highly experienced marketing executive with over 25 years experience across a diverse range of industries.  He holds a B.Com marketing with a double major in management as well as a post-graduate diploma in sustainability.  Jason has worked closely with the team in our special projects and innovation division to become entirely familiar with the application of technology to the solutions required.  Jason is currently building flying hours with skills training and will become a RePL holder shortly.

Certification and Regulatory Approvals

GPAS Pilots

No Job Is Too Big or Small
- Our team comprises CASA RePL licensed UAV Controllers and industry specialists with backgrounds in mining, engineering, survey, media and photography.
- As a group of innovators, we are continually reviewing our procedures and solutions to increase productivity and reduce client costs while maintaining the highest of standards without compromising safety.
Our commitment to provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers is exceptionally important to us.
- We encourage client feedback and we distribute all comments to our team so they can be used in our process of continual learning and improvement.
SAFETY, safety, safety

Is our number one priority with every mission we fly

- GPAS undertake rigorous site and risk assessment during the planning process for all of our jobs to ensure flight operations can be conducted safely.
- GPAS Pilots are equipped with the necessary PPE
- GPAS hold CASA ReOC Operators Certificate 6742
- We will not fly if any of the safety aspects do not pass our risk assessment process.

GPAS offer one-on-one training sessions  (2-hour training course) for new RPA owners, the emphasis being to immediately get the skills and the knowledge to fly safely;

- Flying skills, what you need to know and how to achieve them, understanding the GPS in your RPA and the importance of it, we will provide you with practice routines and drills to quickly become a skill proficient RPA pilot.

- An understanding the mandatory Civil Aviation rules and regulations for RPA's

Further to our ‘FLY YOUR RPA’ course;

- we can assist you with the unboxing of your RPA, updating firmware, ensuring it’s ready to fly, making recommendations on software solutions for your application etc.

For more information, contact us today.

CASA approved RePL (Remote Pilot) Certificate Training


- For commercial use of your RPA you require the CASA certified RePL license
- GPAS work closely with Global Drone Solutions who are one of Australia's leading RPA training institutions.


For more information about GDS please follow this link;




GPAS offer one-on-one training sessions for new RPA owners, the emphasis of the training is;

- flying skills and how to achieve them, practice routines and drills

- understanding the Civil Aviation rules and regulations for RPA's

- we can also assist you with the unboxing of your RPA, updating firmware, ensuring it’s ready to fly, making recommendations on software solutions for your application etc.

For more information, contact us today.

It’s already well documented that drone (RPA) pilots are a job of the future but it’s way more than that, it’s a technological advancement that enables so many professions and professionals to execute their craft more effectively and cost efficiently in some cases, safer in others and with so much new data never possible in many others.  If you want to start a career as a RPA Pilot or you would like to add this skill to what you already do.

- GPAS Pilots all hold CASA RePL RPA licenses

- GPAS is an authorised operator holding CASA ReOC 6742

- Full member of the ACUO

- AAUS Accredited Operator

- Platinum Partner of AeroRanger