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The application of drones or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicle) has been a dramatic game changer in many industries, with new applications being discovered everyday.


GPAS is here to bring these to you!


Drones have delivered substantial benefits to numerous industries, just a few of which include:


- Mining, Shipping and Logistics

- Filming, video production and broadcasting

- Disaster management and rescue operations

- Geological mapping and survey

Industries relying on data inputs can now achieve:

- Automated mapping solutions and pre-planned mission control

- Advanced data capture

- Real-time live in-air tagging and reporting

- Higher data resolution and increased data density


The benefits of UAV's further include:  risk reduction and increased safety, no need to close down plants, access to otherwise inaccessible areas all leading to safer and more cost effective operations.

About Us
Our services include:

Aerial photography and Videography


Agriculture & Farming


Asset Inspections and Facility Management


Cinematography, Television and Media


Building and Construction


Emergency Services


Insurance Assessment (Inspection)


Surveying & Mapping


Real Estate Photography


3D - Virtual Reality - Augmented Reality Applications

Safety is our number one priority

Safety for the general public, Safety for our pilots and safety for our UAV's.  Safety is foremost in our planning and a clear priority in the execution of our work.


Our pilots are all CASA RePL certified pilots.


GPAS is an authorised operator holding CASA ReOC 6742


GPAS utilise best of breed industry software to assist the pilot in carrying out safe and effective missions.


If you FAIL to PLAN, you are PLANNING to FAIL

- Benjamin Franklin

About Us
Innovative SOLUTIONS and cost-effective SERVICES are what we provide

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